About Us


Welcome to our website! Our names are Stephanie and Ashley and we have a dream, our dream is to travel the world spreading love!

We would love to tell you a little bit about what we are doing. Ride4Love is a call to action, a movement to spread love. To remain in the present moment with each and every person we meet, to hold the space and truly listen to them, to their story, to have a meaningful connection without judgement, remaining open-minded, gaining new perspectives, learning and growing. Our dream is to inspire, to be inspired and to give hope. We practice empathy, as this we believe is the key to spreading love. Together, we hope to inspire people to believe in their own dreams and make them happen. We are on a mission, a mission to spread love, through working together with individuals, businesses, organizations and communities around the world to give back.


Stephanie and I (Ashley) are adventurers, we love being on the go, traveling, meeting new people, experiencing foreign cultures, gaining fresh perspectives and sharing our love. We believe in the goodness of the world and that people really just want to love and be loved. Love has changed our lives, love for ourselves, each other and in turn love for all; our fellow human beings, the earth and this entire universe we are all apart of. We feel grateful to be able to experience this deep love and now we just want to share it.

Stephanie and I met at a yoga and meditation retreat on the Pacific coast of Mexico in March of 2016. Both of us traveled there alone, Stephanie from Holland and Ashley from South Florida. We instantly connected and became inseparable and after three months of traveling in Mexico together, we ended up traveling for the next nine months…between Europe and the USA. We rode motorbikes in Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia. We drove a 1986 Trabant throughout Romania, hiking in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania and visiting Dracula’s castle in Bran. We road tripped and camped through the US, from Florida ,up to North Carolina


and across to Northern California and back, visiting as many National Parks as possible and driving most of Route 66. We drove a Cabriolet through Hungary, down the Croatian Coast and into the Balkans. And we bicycled our way around the Netherlands. This has been our travels together so far, but independently Stephanie and I have been traveling on our own for years before we collided!


We have a passion for travel, if you haven’t noticed yet. So naturally we are ready for the next adventure. This time our transportation is a 2014 Ural Patrol (motorcycle with a sidecar) from the state of Washington, in the good ole US of A.